Events live or die by them.

You’ve created this cool event, unique activations, memorable experiences…. Is anyone going to play ball? Will the weather hold? What could go wrong? Event Producers (self-proclaimed “Dream Killers”) always ask these questions. But when your hair-brained idea aligns with the will of the Universe…hoowee!, it’s a beautiful thing.
Above: The founder of PrAna rocked all of our slack line challenges at Outsiders Ball 2015. In fact, guests of all abilities were drawn to try carrying a ping pong ball on a spoon in their teeth as they crossed the slack line.
Below: We did the math beforehand and knew that guests could pedal two stationary bikes 100 miles during the three-hour event. But we really didn’t know if they would….

With uncannily perfect timing, riders reached the 100-mile mark just as we were gathering guests for the raffle drawing. Top brass from Levi’s—the activation sponsor who donated $15,000 upon completion of the Century Challenge—pedaled the last mile to victory.
Weather is the ultimate X-factor for an outdoor event. Rain threatened Outsiders Ball 2014 during setup, but the storms passed, the event went as scheduled, and a rainbow made a special appearance at this event celebrating the great outdoors.
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