Trade Shows


You can’t mass-produce authenticity. If you want to cut through the chaos at a trade show, you need to create an experience, not just a display. My approach is to reverse engineer the experience, starting with the message you want your visitors to leave with and then crafting a relevant and interesting way to express it.
As one of the big players in the seed industry, BASF had a vast hospitality suite to fill at the American Seed Trade Association convention. We needed to transform the vacuous ball room into a place where trade show-goers would want to hang out. Our solution was a German bier halle theme with bold graphics lining the walls, communal tables lining the middle and a custom bar at the back. Front and center was a custom installation that used touchscreens and props embedded in vintage-style fridges to inform guests about an BASF innovation.
Commodity Classic is a huge deal in the ag world. BASF’s booth needed to communicate four key messaging pillars, plus introduce new branding, plus provide product display space, plus act as a presentation stage for a scholarship ceremony, plus have ample storage, plus….
Most of the credit for this Commodity Classic booth goes to the BASF brand team at Periscope. My XE team and I focused on a customer appreciation event at Commodity Classic and supported the BASF team at Periscope by laying out the booth space, concepting engagements and designing some of the large-format graphics.
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