Photo Op

Stretching time and space

Because everybody always has a camera on hand, you can easily set up a photo op without even bringing any technology. On the other hand, because everybody always has a camera on hand, your photo op better offer a uniquely sharable experience.

Photo ops are a win-win in terms of enabling guests to personalize the experience while also extending the event via sharable, searchable social media.
Our trompe l’oeil chalk art photo opp at Outsiders Ball incorporated recognition for event sponsors.
Sporty San Franciscans at Target’s C9 event bounced on a trampoline in front of a printed scrim while a photographer captured them mid-air.
Target’s #32seasons video booth featured a green screen, so fans could choose from several background images and share their Metrodome memories.
For BASF’s “The Right Chemistry Matters” event, we created a wall-size periodic table with plexi photo-holders. Guests had their photos taken in front of a backdrop and received a printed photo to add to the wall and another to take home in a branded sleeve.
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