R. O. I.

Ultimately, experiential marketing is measured in terms of impressions. There’s the quantity of impressions: How many people participated? How widely did they share their experience? How far did your message reach on the merits of its own awesomeness? And there’s the quality: How deeply did your audience engage? Were you able to convert awareness to advocacy?
To help Target gain greater visibility for sponsoring Minneapolis’s Aquatennial fireworks, we created custom animations, lighting effects and a count-down clock projected onto a bridge. Hundred of thousands of spectators got the message.

We presented dozens of other, ground-level solutions, too:
• A surprise and delight activation with BAs handing out bullseye picnic blankets
• A special viewing area that used a polarized screen to give guests a unique view of the fireworks
• A procession of parade-sized balloons featuring icons of summer and Target brand elements.
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