Shall we dance?

Engagement is the place where client objectives overlap the audience’s experience. Seeing an ad or clicking away a pop-up window are not engagements. Engagements register. They strike a chord. And if they’re good, they’re shared.
Often, engagement entails an exchange. It’s more than the push of marketing messages; it’s an invitation to contribute to a conversation. Like when Target’s #32seasons campaign provided channels for Vikings fan to share their love of the team.
Target’s #perfectmonday campaign surprised folks throughout the country with unexpected touch points. Free coffee, meals, gas, gift cards—those were the medium. The message, in essence, was Target loves you. And the outpouring of voluntary social media showed that people love Target.
Party-goers at Outsiders Ball experienced a carnival of active and fun engagements. Some were designed to visualize the organization’s values. Others were sponsor recognition tools. And others were outright physical challenges.
For Cargill’s 150th anniversary celebration, we created a smorgasbord of engagements. Some were high-tech and interactive. Others were tactile, or even tasty. Each engagement connected to the objective: instill pride by fostering a deeper appreciation for Cargill’s history of innovation and momentum for the future.
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