The key to retention

We retain information when there’s an emotional component to the experience of learning. An Aha! A smile. A tiny rush of endorphins encouraging our brain to forge a new connection.
Contrast that to the experience of slogging up and down the aisles at a trade show where the sheer volume of attention-grabbing clutter puts your brain in a self-protective shutdown mode. As an exhibitor, you need to do something so compelling it pulls attendees out of their stupor and into your world. If it feels like a discovery to them, your message will stick—longer than any branded tchotchke ever will.

While touring a BASF facility to learn about seed-coating products, the one thing that stood out for me was a beige refrigerator stocked with test tubes. The operations were impressive, but that fridge was so relatable that it inspired our interactive display at American Seed Trade Association 2014. We told the client’s seed-coating story using six vintage-style fridges with integrated touchscreens, animation loops and customized props. Guests got to choose one of 150 keys inside the blue fridge for a chance win an Apple Watch locked inside the gray one. For BASF staff on site, this installation provided a focused interaction and the chance to share a memorable moment with each potential customer.
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